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Verified Badge Process

Why become verified?

Everyone who completes the verification badge, gets 30 free days on the "Hot List" ! A "Verified" blue check mark appears beside your profile photo demonstrating that your photo, name, and age are true and belong to you. The verification badge increases trust from other members, which can lead to YOU getting more messages and flirts! We have put a special note under our dating tips to let new users know to look for a "verified" person, like you will soon become.

Acceptable Verification Documents:
+ Passport
+ Driver's License
+ State ID
+ US School/University ID

Instructions: Choose 1 type of documentation. It must be valid, reasonably current, non-blurry, and show issuance/expiration date. Take a photo of your verification document and another photo of YOU with your written code. Upload it to the verification form on your dashboard and submit.

Updated 08/10/18
Password protected photo
Password protected photo
Password protected photo