Dating Safety Tips

We want you to have a safe & fulfilling experience on IsaacMeets Rebecca.com.

We do not conduct criminal background checks on our members, but we do offer a "verfied" badge for members to complete optionally.
Only through the badge process, do we check the National Sex Offender Registry. Again, we do not verify anything else so we can not be certain that all members are honest.

Please use caution when dating members.
Please use these non-exhaustive tips when communicating with other members:
1. DO NOT include personal contact information (email, phone numbers, home address, last name, etc) in your profile. Engage through the site's message box & private chatroom first to keep your identify safe until you feel comfortable with the person.

2. DO NOT share your password with anyone. Employees/Volunteers of IsaacMeetsRebecca.com will never ask you for your password.

3. DO NOT send money to anyone who you met online on this site. Report these type of messages to us ASAP.

4. DO NOT go out on a date with anyone until you feel ready & comfortable.

5. DO NOT get married to someone who wants to get a green card.

6. DO NOT date or marry someone who wants to rush you into a exclusive relationship in a short amount of time.

1. DO engage with members with the "VERIFIED" badge on their profile. This means the person has been ID verified to ensure their name, appearance, and age match their profile.

2. DO make sure on your dates, to meet during the daytime in a highly populated & familar place.

3. DO make sure on your dates to let your friends & family know where you'll be, and when you've completed your date. For added protection, discreetly let the venue staff know that you're on your first date.

4. DO arrive early on your first date, so that the person doesn't know what type of vehicle you drive.

5. DO ask a lot of questions when communicating and be alert for any inconsistences.

Please notify us if you spect a member is a scammer.

6. DO look for profiles with multiple pictures or a video profile. If they have zero to few pictures, ask to see some. This list is not comprehensive.

Please exercise caution & common sense in all your selections online.

Be safe!

We can't wait to hear your success stories & testimonies!!
Updated 10/16/17
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