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Personality & Growth Assessments

Premium Certified Dating Mentor Services

Prepare/Enrich Assessments

The Prepare/Enrich assessment (electronic) is designed to help daters assess the health of a new dating relationship and consider possibilities of exclusiveness together. No need to delete your profile before you know if it's a compatible fit. Our Prepare/Enrich assessments give vital insight into each daters personal strengths and growth areas.

The assessment is also crafted for those who are engaged. Get clarity knowing if there can be a strong future together. Engaged couples spend too much time planning their wedding and too little time preparing to be in a marriage. Most engaged couples are largely unprepared for the "eventualities" of marriage. Unrealistic expectations and reservations about exploring potential problems often contribute to difficulties in the early years of marriage, contributing to high divorce rates. Our assessment offers a peace of mind to those who are wanting to become exclusive or before saying “I do”. By taking the assessments and going to couple sessions, our couples acquire knowledge and skills to be ready for a successful relationship or marriage.

The assessment scales communication, conflict resolution, partner styles and habits, family and friends, financial management, leisure activities, affection expectations, spiritual beliefs, relationship expectations, and character traits. Beyond the normal core scales, daters also get the stress scale and SCOPE Personality scale. Depending on each dater’s personal lifestyle, it can also be customized for single parents, relationship roles, habitation issues, interfaith/interchurch issues, cultural/ethic needs, and specific spiritual beliefs for Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox Christians, or Jewish daters.

Prepare/Enrich Couple Sessions

Tailored to each couple by stage & structure of the relationship, daters can learn and practice relationship skills through couple sessions after your results. All services are conducted online.

More details coming late 2018. Watch for social media announcements.

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