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Isaacmeetsrebecca.com is a NEW singles site for Christian & Messianic Matchmaking and Fellowship. Our membership base consists mostly of users between the ages 18-70. We help you connect with like-minded friends, find dates, courtship, and marriage. What sets us apart is that we give every user a Dating Mentor. Your Dating Mentor service frequency depends on what type of membership you have. Click on the Dating Mentor tab at the bottom to read more about FREE & PREMIUM Dating Mentor Services.

We engage current culture with innovative solutions and alternatives that promote a better way. We interact with you in re-discovering what God intended for romance. While the Bible doesn't talk about "dating" in the way we do today, it does give a transcultural blueprint in how to find a mate by matchmaking. This site is the answer for Christian and Messianic believers who want to date with purpose, and get it right the next go around.

Isaacmeetsrebecca.com is named after one of the first biblical couples from Genesis 24:1-67 that met through a spirit filled matchmaker (Eliezer of Damascus), who used prayer and a camel test to find "the one" chosen by God. In fact, Abraham didn't want his son Isaac to marry a local woman in his area for a particular reason. He asked his long-time & faithful servant Eliezer, to make a solemn promise to help his son find a wife many miles away. Eliezer left by camels from Hebron to Mesopotamia, which is estimated 550 miles. With today's transportation of 60 MPH, a 550 mile journey is around a 9 hours drive. Rebecca was not even remotely close to her future husband. Another asset of IsaacMeetsRebecca online dating, is that we empower you to actively search just like Eliezer and be found like Rebecca, in a community of believers who have similar beliefs and values. Rest assured there are NO camel tests here, but our unique faith-based methodology matches unmistakable compatibility.

We advance the good in our society by giving God glory in our dating lives, even when things don't work out. That's why we are the FIRST dating site to provide certified dating mentors and pre-engagement counseling services. We see ourselves as salt-preserving agents, actively working out restoration in the middle of a decaying dating & hook-up culture of frustration, mind games, and rampant divorces.

Isaacmeetsrebecca.com provides hope, an arsenal of lifestyle tools, and continuous encouragement in a journey that we're going through with you. Isaacmeetsrebecca knows what you need as a Jesus loving single. We live and breathe the single, Christian/Messianic lifestyle everyday. Our dating site doesn't share or sell your personal contact information with white labels or third parties, nor do we buy or use fake robot profiles. Due to this industry shocking decision we have less members at this time, but we do have fresh organic quality.

We are trusted and secured by having a SSL certificate. The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted. Our mission is to be genuine from the start, and keep you as our first priority with personalized, niche, and boutique style dating services for Christian & Messianic Singles.

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