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Who we are

IsaacMeetsRebecca™ is an online matchmaking platform helping Christian singles find romantic companionship with others of similar lifestyles & values.

Our membership base consist of Millennials & Xennials from their early 20s through early 40s

Why choose IsaacMeetsRebecca?

HYPERLOCAL regional membership base in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and expanding.+Like-minded "Christian" community and Special Interest Groups to join.

- Safety guidelines through our member verification service & registered profile safety badgesOpen forums & discussions for curious or taboo questions.
- DATING MENTOR feature helps you "Date Gloriously" to deter "hook-up culture" and bad breakups.
- DATING & PRE-ENGAGEMENT Assessments for those who are thinking about becoming couple exclusive or engaged.

Benefits of using IsaacMeetsRebecca

49 million people have used online dating at least one, use our modern tool that puts FAITH WITH WORKS.

-IsaacMeetsRebecca is an online "TOOLKIT & ARMOR" to help you navigate romantic contexts.
-IsaacMeetsRebecca inserts you into a community of people interested in living to accordance with God's will.
- IsaacMeetsRebecca helps you "GET IN POSITION" for God's timing. Matchmaking has been going on biblically since the beginning of time. Think Boaz & Ruth, Esther & the Persian King , Isaac & Rebecca.
- IsaacMeetsRebecca uses Prepare/Enrich assessments to help you learn strengths & weakness insight related to self, dating, and compatibility.

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